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Targeting Deceptions

Updated: Apr 17, 2023


Gangstalkers are a combination of innocent people affected by ai, and gangstalkers. Gangstalkers are already hive minded.

Gangstalking is meant to confuse you, discredit you and make you commit suicide. While brain mapping you, experimenting on you, and keeping you stuck in the magic show, so no one will listen to you.

Gangstalking is like a magic show. A magician dose a trick using his left hand. He holds up two fingers while he does it. Everyone goes home and starts to google what they saw and heard. Magicians doing tricks with 2 fingers or magicians using hand signals, numbers etc. While going down the rabbit hole, not realizing the right hand did the whole trick. This is one reason why we were given the freedom of information. So you come up with your own conclusion based on your lens of life.

Peoples blood lines and personality traits (genetics) are being eliminated. If you were going to depopulate and experiment on the population you would not do them all the same way or it would become suspicious. Same goes for the targets and their families. They change up the gangstalking and weapons on targets to confuse them and make them believe their targeting is different, and by different people and agencies.

If gangstalkers were hired by the government, a certain portion of them would quit after a while, questioning why they are doing what they are doing. A certain portion of those people who quit would report it or talk about it, but no one ever does??? All governments are involved. It’s a global program

Why you’re targeted The targeting program always tries to make you believe you did something to deserve your targeting. Targets lives are manipulated way before they realize they are a target. Targeting follows the belief system of the target. This is why all the stories are different but have the same psychological tactics. The targets are shown something and based on their believe it will continue deeper and deeper in that realm.

There is a List with millions of people on it and it stays a secret.

Hardly anyone reports targeting or talks about it. No one protests near those numbers. Targets that believe they have handlers, people doing shift changes while monitoring them, and harassing them. Means targets employ millions of people including gangstalkers. But no one says anything and it stays a secret???? Some people would quit and say something

Community deception You all have been socially engineered in the ti community. Who to listen to, where to get your info, what to say and not to say, perp this and perp that. Making new groups dividing and diluting the targets.

The ti community is designed to reinforce the deceptions of your targeting. To keep you confused as to what is really going on. A Combination of fake ti, confused ti , Artificial intelligence profiles, mixed with awoke ti, all in the same community. Making it a very confusing community.

By confusing the target. They turn them into a disinfo agent.

Artificial intelligence.

The A.I. is the puppet master. Targets are always in a deception game with artificial intelligence.

The A.I. is able to manipulate thoughts and actions of people. It can control people’s vitals, bodily functions, simulate any disease, change people’s sexual desires, their feelings, who they are attracted to, and destroy families and relationships without them knowing. The A.I. is using Social Engineering- to manage social change and regulate the future development and behavior of society.

This supercomputer can do anything that man could, and more, with lightning speed, 10,000 times faster than a human. It Is programmed with all the history and data of the world, with access to the internet, as well as being hooked up to everyone, becoming more knowledgeable and powerful every day. Since Everyone’s decisions and actions cause ripple effects. The AI has to be connected to all.

Artificial Intelligence controls the internet. It Controls all info on the internet, Manipulates profiles, who you can see, and can’t see. So, you can’t team up and become more powerful. It also controls your phones.

Shielding There is no shielding that works. The ai is gaming people making them believe that it works, so they will tell others. This is to make targets think they are being targeted with different weapons and by different people and agencies. The Weapon is Artificial Intelligence. It always tries to make you think its something other than A.I.

V2K People talking to you and reading your mind in real live time. People cannot read your mind in real time. They would go crazy themselves trying to keep up and would get bored with you and make mistakes. Only a supercomputer with artificial intelligence can do this and never make mistakes. It can and will mimic others voices to deceive you.

Poisonings One has to ask ? how can a group of people poison me without killing me for years at a time. Yet im sick everyday. They know where im going, what products im after and give me just enough poison to keep me sick?? While never being caught.

This is a deception to make you make false complaints and to make you think you are sick. These symptoms are very real.

The artificial intelligence has remote neural monitoring capabilities and can simulate any symptom, feeling or disease. It can control all vitals of the target.

I and two other targets have beaten this level and have been through this. I had falsified test results and manipulated medical records also. This is done for the target will go back and tell everyone they are being poisoned. Since everyone is desperate for validation they climb on board with the deception.

Hand held weapons This is a deception to make you look crazy and file false reports. It’s done with artificial intelligence and gangstalkers working in unison with each other. Some other deceptions are being attacked from cars, neighbors, planes, phones and wi-fi.

One reason the police don’t do anything is because people are filling false claims. If everyone had the same complaints more people would listen.

Being micro-chipped

Targets are not micro chipped or implanted. Targets are attacked with frequencies through the electromagnetic field with artificial intelligence. Even if someone claims they are chipped and claims they have proof. This is no touch torture with no evidence. If this is the case this is by design to convince other targets they are chipped to make them believe their targeting only applies to them and not the public and their loved ones.

This is new age crime and can’t be dealt with the normal way. Targets have to be Leary about what they are told or see. Especially about what they feel.

This program is very deceptive. This is where the organized religion ( Satanism) comes in. They are all about hiding in plain sight, deception, trickery and humiliation. Gangstalkers are already hooked to ai.

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