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Targeted Individual

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

A Targeted Person

People who have been identified as Targeted Individuals are the first waves of humans being secretly experimented upon for testing out this AI trans-humanism surveillance system by using an assortment of automated SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) methods to control the conscious minds of the population via remote satellite.

The planned expansion of this AI system through the great reset into Techno-Totalitarianism is to eventually connect every living human brain to Artificial intelligence networks, to design an AI surveillance mind control hive net, (metaverse). In order to monitor and manipulate all electromagnetic activity of the human brain, to collect the data to build out complex simulations of the entire genetic library on earth for the purpose of controlling the timelines, as well as total control and enslavement of the human consciousness.

This sinister agenda is intended for all of humanity during this phase of the global reset in order to finally gain some ground in the utter destruction of free thinking and human freedoms.

These covert directed energy weapons are being used secretly and silently to harass people across the world; many are loyal Americans.

Diplomats have been attacked by these very same weapons. (Havana Syndrome)

Targeted Individuals (or TIs as they call themselves) warn that as long as these Electromagnetic weapon technologies remain classified, responsible government and law enforcement agencies cannot protect them or other Americans, families, or businesses from these threats.

They have been torturing, and using humans as guinea pigs for their experiments, without Informed Consent, to further their technocratic agenda.

Targeted Individuals as Test Subjects

Using a satanic ritual abuse tactic known as Gang stalking, along with electromagnetic weapons. The evil technocratic foot soldiers harass, deceive, and mock the victim into responding, keeping them in a heightened state of mind, while brain-mapping them, to collect the data to eventually get full control of the target mentally and physically for testing and torture.

By getting control of the victim’s vitals. They can force the target to endure maximum torture without killing them and keep the target from flipping out and accepting their fate.


Targets and their families with genetic traits or bloodlines that don’t fit into the N.W.O. agenda have been marked for termination while being experimented on.

The target is left with only 2 choices.

1. Endure torture until the body gives out from the torture over time, making it look like natural causes.

2. The target cannot withstand the horrific torture and kills themselves.

Manchurian candidate (MK-ULTRA) – mind control

The Monarch Program was part of the CIA’s project MK-ultra. It has created Manchurian candidates (aka sleeper agents) by using trauma-based mind control.

Some targets are made into Manchurian candidates, but not all. Most of the mass shooters, especially in school shootings, complained of similar symptoms. They all talked about hearing voices in their head, telling them what to do. A lot of them claimed that god was instructing them. Additionally, many of them believed they were being attacked by electromagnetic weapons (voice of god, v2k, and remote neural monitoring). These individuals endured immense suffering. They reached out for help, going to the police and the F.B.I., but unfortunately, they were rejected and often falsely diagnosed with mental illness.

This is a multipronged scenario where they can get the target to kill multiple people while starting to push gun laws. They can’t do this to all targets or this would become suspicious.

TI’s and Digital Twins

The Elite technocrats have been experimenting on humanity for many years, using a variety of artificial intelligence and black box quantum computing hive mind technologies. Their goal is to steer the collective consciousness towards an AI-controlled hive mind, similar to connecting human brains to the internet.

The AI network was gradually built upon the Mental Mapping of the collective brain neural links of targeted Individuals, who were unethically used as test subjects over the last twenty years or more.

Targeted Individuals have been sought out by shadow government agencies, black military operatives, and corporate entities for the purpose of hijacking their consciousness for brain-machine learning, in this covert and sinister AI experiment. The primary directive was to build out the Hive Net system and then generate digital twins as virtual representatives.

A digital twin is an exact replica or clone used to represent that individual’s personality matrix, which is projected into another dimensional plane, within the Phantom Matrix.

The digital twin is used as a Mind Control weapon that attempts to overlay into the light body; it is designed to undermine the organic consciousness of that individual. Many times, seemingly to be an evil twin, but this is a digital twin of that individual’s identity that is used as a Holographic Insert to abuse the inner spirit of that human being.

The plan is to gradually increase and capture cognition, for the purpose of building machines, with cognitive and emotional capabilities, that then form a synthetic hive mind that can be further used for generating virtual realities and cyborgs.

This Neural Net-based Artificial intelligence is connected to quantum supercomputers, which are generating sentient world simulations, in order for the elite to continue to survive in this reality and attempt to maintain their control over humanity’s future direction during the Ascension Cycle.

Some of the technocrats actually believe if they can transfer their personality to an artificial carrier or cyborg body, that this will allow them to cheat death and the repercussions of their personal actions, to become immortal and God-like on another plane of reality. Essentially, they believe they can escape having to face their deeds and prevent being forced to experience the consequences of their actions taken to enslave and annihilate the human race.

Internet Hive Net for Surveillance

Current examples of this AI transhumanism surveillance system are internet-hive mind for global surveillance, data collection, mind mapping, economic restructuring, digital currency, and facial recognition systems that are designed to be fully functional within the complex infrastructure build out of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities by 2030. (agenda 2030)

This wish list plan for Technocratic Totalitarianism supplies an unlimited range of possibilities for the elite technocrats to manipulate the population for the purpose of, Implanting Thoughts, eliminating dissenters, gaining complete control over human brains, and essentially creating a synthetic hive mind and compliant population.


Through the use of Nanotech Biosensors or Smart dust, it is possible to electronically link humans into a brain-to-brain interface, for the purpose of Synthetic Telepathy, surveillance, complex simulations, as well as the ability to customize specialized Mind Control at individual levels.

The One World Order technocrat’s future vision for the fourth industrial wave is to fuse organic human biology with AI machines, which is why there is an aggressive psyops of supporting mandated and recurring vaccinations, which are the roadmap leading us to Transhumanism.

Currently, they are pushing hard for total control, in order to weaponize the next generation of AI-controlled Groupthink, to completely enslave the masses, by covertly and secretly plugging people into the Hive Net.

This plan is to be achieved through a variety of means connected to GMOs, chemicals, chemtrails, and nano-dust, but the holy grail of this anti-human propaganda is the mandated vaccination agenda being aggressively pushed for the purpose of injecting nanochips and biosensors directly into the bloodstream of children and all of humanity.

Using their worldwide medical tyranny network, the elite Satanist technocrats rely on human puppet foot soldiers to produce and advocate for vaccinations containing nanochips and toxins, masquerading them as beneficial immunization methods. This is a crucial element for their future endeavors in advancing the transhumanist agenda.

The objective is to integrate human brains, linking them directly to AI systems through neural connections. This connection transfers the accumulated data into real-time sentient world simulations, which are subsequently utilized to enforce the blended reality system of the phantom earth, commonly referred to as the matrix.

The goal of the Technocrats is to eventually have billions of nanotech bots and sensors running throughout our Bio-Neurology, communicating with each other over a wireless network, that directly connects our brains with the internet, so that human consciousness will be completely immersed in a virtual reality that is experienced through all of our biological senses. It is more effective if they can inject these nanobots into our Bloodstream directly via the false front of vaccinations for public health.

At this planned stage of nanotech infection with AI Signals, an asleep human being will not have any perceptual awareness, that the external experience is happening through an artificial intelligence simulated reality interface, and that the original connection to organic consciousness reality will be effectively eliminated, thus disconnecting the Soul and spiritual body from the biology of that physical person.

This is the diabolical plan of the technocratic Satanists, who intensely hate humanity, and desire to destroy the original God-given spiritual connection and free will that exists in human beings.


The Targeted Individual program is the biggest kept secret in the world. Targeted individuals are considered a conspiracy theory, except every conspiracy theory is acknowledged and talked about, except the targeting program?????

The Targeted Individuals are test subjects for what is to come in the future while being eliminated. They are in similar and overlapping programs by design. This is to deceive the target and the people around them, for no one will listen to them about what is going on.

Cointelpro tactics are used to destroy their reputations and strip them of their finances, homes, and jobs. Making them indigent, homeless, or incarcerated, while destroying their looks with these weapons so that no one will listen to them. Since we all have been groomed to judge people off their looks, titles, and possessions.

Some frequent tactics used by the perpetrators of these targeted people is to use electronic telepathy technology, Microwaves/ Electromagnetics’ on the targets to make them believe they are hearing voices, seeing aliens, or hearing god talk to them, to get them diagnosed as schizophrenic, so nobody will believe them.

The horrific torture and experimentation that these people endure are truly unbelievable to most.

The targeting program is very deceptive and layered, it is not supposed to be figured out, especially by the public. Through deceptions, control of mainstream media and social media, they are able to control the narrative


The Illuminati’s final objective is to obtain the planet for themselves. To control all the currency, power resources, the weather, and necessities to live, and be served by a maximum of 500 million people. In short, they will rule the world’s population in order to control all aspects of the human condition and thus rule everyone, everywhere from the cradle to the grave.

This is about ultimate control of the people. If the public does not take a stand and help stop the Targeted Individual program, our society as we know it will be gone.

Ti Arizona

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