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Organized Stalking ( my story)

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Community tried to murder me to protect a 30yr old secret

Drug Operation

  • Drug operation ran by 13 and the Masons.

  • I saw key people from within the operation

  • Protected by the C.I.A

Organized Religion

  • Organized Religion involvement in Drug Operation

  • Mason’s

  • Real-Estate fraud / Tax Evasion


  • L.H.C. took 2nd place for best community 2.5 mil in prize money

  • Corrupt Cops (masons)

  • Huge Drug Operation

CARTEL - (Mafia/Mason)

The Drug Cartel in lake Havasu City is using Remote Neural Monitoring to harass and protect against civilian threats to their operation. The Drug operation is buying and accruing property along the drug routes that snake throughout the city to the main head of the operation. They then put their own people (mason’s) in these homes and provide kickbacks to these individuals to turn and look the other way. All property that is not owned or controlled by the operation is subject to remote neural monitoring.


  • If you happen to see one of them in a car. They will bring the same car around and show you someone similar, but different.

  • If you are suspicious about the operation, they will change that particular instance to make you think it’s something else.

  • If you go to the police or complain, they will adjust and neutralize that particular instance.

  • They use the technology also to harass and bully people they do not want in their neighborhood. Making people vacate their homes for desired property obtainment.

The community used organized stalking, Community-Oriented Policing and harassment to try and make me take my life for what I knew.

Sensitization – is a form of harassment doing something over and over to someone to sensitize them to a particular stimulus. Only that person that has been sensitized understands the nuances and meaning to what is being shown to them.

I was sensitized to certain things:

  • Robotic head turns

  • 1 honk

  • Things done in numeric sequences or formations


I lived in Seattle, Washington and worked in a prominent hospital as an Inpatient Pharmacy Technician. Often, I worked in the inpatient oncology clinic where I mixed cytotoxic chemotherapy I.V. admixtures for cancer patients. My hours were slowly decreasing due to back problems and a neck surgery. I was down to 3 days a week and subsidizing my bills with my savings. My mom suggested I consider a move to Lake Havasu City, A.Z. as she was going to be living somewhere else for a while. So, I relocated in hopes of improving my health and to become a professional trader. All my extra allotted funds were being put towards stock market education as well as being taught by a friend who does this for a living.

Lake Havasu City, A.Z. -- Address removed –

My family co-owned this property with my grandparents in Lake Havasu City since the early 80’s. My Grandparents lived here for over 25yrs. During that time, drugs were being sold across the street. My Grandfather used to complain about all the traffic and how it would always stop when they put out an American flag, signaling that they were out of product. My grandparents passed away and my mom rented the house until she retired and moved here in approximately 2010. During that time, the inside of the garage was tagged with a 13-gang tag and meth equipment was found two separate times in the garage after renters. When my mom finally moved here. All the walls in the house were kicked in and destroyed. She had to rebuild the whole inside of the house. Trying to Force her to sell.

I moved here in 2013

I would sit outside on my front porch which has archways facing a stop sign. I immediately noticed traffic which made no sense what so ever. There was more traffic on my road than the actual highway itself. I noticed all the traffic stopped when they put out an American flag. Just like my grandfather told me when I was a kid. I began to realize that there was a huge drug operation going on. A truck would do over a hundred runs in a day (non-stop all day and night). Cars constantly started staying stopped at the stop sign in front of my house. They would just sit there with their brights on trying to see if I was sitting in the archway. I Moved to the backyard. Cars started stopping at the back gate and just sitting there to see if I was there. Like I was trying to get their license plate numbers.

I Pulled up next to the main drug operator at Circle K.

He immediately lowered his seat back as to hide his identity. I looked at his girlfriend straight in the face and went into the store. The next day the same car was honking from behind the house showing me a different person of somewhat similarity, trying to fool me. This person had 4 red slash mark tattoos on his right forearm. This happened multiple other times as well. When I would see something of significance, they would show me something different but similar.

The House started to get vandalized

  • Paint-balls were shot at the house. One was an exact head shot where I usually sit outside.

  • Constant trash was thrown on the yard

  • A huge mirror was shattered on the driveway

  • Trees were getting destroyed and poisoned

  • The House was being vandalized consistently

I Got into it with a couple of guys (gang members)

I had enough of these assholes. They would vandalize my house, burn out on my yard, honk until I would come out, and flattened my tire at a store. So, I got into a standoff with them 4 times. Once in a store and 3 times in front of my house. Each time they backed down in a fight and got embarrassed. At this point they went for help. Two Cadillac’s showed up at two different drug houses which looked like enforcers. Two people would trade shifts inside the Cadillac while watching my house 24/7. It would honk 1-time every time I came outside. They also proceeded to launch a smear campaign. Telling people, I was a Narc, dangerous, violent and a Pedophile. Since these people were also mason people. These rumors spread into the churches and the community.

Inside my house

  • Every time I went near the kitchen window, the front door, or the bathroom. Where I could see the street the Cadillac from across the street would honk one time. Traffic would stop every time I was in the bathroom. When I would take a dump, they would honk the horn one time, letting me know they could see in the house.

  • Music that was being played from across the street would stop every time I would exit my home. I could hear people saying shh. They would turn the music back on upon reentering my home.

  • I Would get mocked with personal bathroom gestures that no one should know out in public.

  • I was experiencing excessive sweating, heating, and increased heart rate. (painful)

My phones and electronics started acting funny

  • 3 computers were destroyed for no reasons

  • 3 pairs of headphones and computer speakers destroyed. One set destroyed right after I bought them

  • My Phones seem to be tapped. People were talking about conversations I had on the phone in stores and the park.

  • My Television was constantly being messed with

  • My Trading account was being manipulated. I would receive false text alerts from my trading account I never set. I Later figured out they opened an account with the same phone number for text alerts

  • The Power would get knocked out in my neighborhood only

When I would go to the Park

Every time I would go to the park at this point all the people would leave. The park would be completely empty or all the people would be leaving as I got there. Tons of cars would just leave. Then it would be empty.

I started getting followed

The people from my neighborhood would follow me everywhere I went in town while driving. I use to run 5 miles four to five times a week. The sheriff that lived across form me would follow me when I was running. When he wasn’t following me. People would park their cars at strategic points and just watch me run through the neighborhood, Like I was running straight through their operation. The Last 2 days before I decided to leave Lake Havasu City, I was physically stopped by three cars from running and forced to return home. Two different times.

I Was told by a friend; multiple fake restraining orders had been filed on me. But they couldn't stick because I had not done anything wrong. So, the sheriff and the drug operation people would follow me. Acting like they were protecting the community.

I Decided to leave lake Havasu at this point and proceeded to lake Elsinore hopping they would not follow me past the state line.

I got a Flat tire for the third time in 2 months on the same tire. I Saw a guy walking away from my car at the last stop. I pulled off at the mall and every car started honking. I Left the mall and went to a gas station and all the cars there were honking also.

I felt at this point I had not gone far enough to get out of there network. So, I proceeded to Napa, ca. where my father lives. During this drive at the tail end I was let known I was being followed and was being led to my father’s house turn by turn.

After being in Napa for 2 days. I started to realize I was still being followed. I also began to notice the same operation characteristics that I had seen in Lake Havasu City.

  • I Was followed by 6-8 people from my neighborhood, Lake Havasu City to Napa, Ca. People from my neighborhood (Lake Havasu City) Would walk down the middle of the street and turn their head in a robotic nature towards the living room window and walk the other way over and over when nobody was around.

  • Cameras were put on my father’s TV’s

  • I was surrounded and harassed by Mexican Mafia people at the park with their car doors open.

  • The Mail man yelled through the living room window at me; they do not want you here

  • I was being told not to enter certain stores because people in their network worked there.

  • Cars were honking at the mall and at the grocery store again

  • I am still experiencing excessive heating and increased heart rate that does not make any sense

  • I would hear Blast codes (4 beeps) car alarm sequences where ever I would go.


This time I figured I would go to the park to run or walk, since running in my neighborhood in Lake Havasu City caused some kind of problem before. When I entered the park for the first time, I was surrounded by 12-15 cars all with their doors open, like they were warning me or watching me. They seemed to be there waiting for me every day I went to the park.

All the Car doors opened when I got in the park. They would close some of the doors like reducing the level of threat as I proceeded through the park. The cars would just sit there after having the doors open, Like they were watching me. They would point cars and park utility vehicles with blinkers directing where I could go and could not go inside the park. I Kept being shown school buses with flashing lights in the park. All the car doors would open towards the school buses warning me and blocking me when kids were loading the school buses two separate times

  • A woman gave me a 1-2 hand signal when walking by in the park

I once again decided to move to another location and actually return to where I originally came from, Washington state. I quickly noticed I was once again being followed and began to notice blinker codes (numbers). I was being told not to exit with a solid blinker to the right towards the off-ramp where there was usually a truck with blinking lights warning me not to go there. This occurred over and over again throughout California. They would also give me 2 blinkers to the left indicating stay on the road or this way. 1=bad, 2=good. As I progressed further down the highway, I began to notice a 1-2 sequence over and over and a red Cadillac going back and forth constantly with the number four blinker code. I pulled over in Medford, Oregon and got a hotel for the night.

Tasered in Oregon hotel (Medford)

I was in a deep sleep and was awakened by a shock of some sorts. I was Convulsing and couldn’t stand or talk without stuttering for at least 10-20 min. during those 10-20 min. number codes were being tapped on the wall next-door. 1-2 and the number 4. I continued up to Lakewood WA., while still being tracked on the road with number combinations.


I was on a two-lane road upon arriving in Lakewood WA. The road was being obstructed by two school buses turned sideways with blinking lights. One on each side of the road. I had to zig-zag going across the other side of the road to get by. Upon breaking through the barrier, people yelled leave.

  • There was a Women involved working at subway with a thirteen tattoo.

Being harassed in Library, Bellevue Washington

I was being mocked and harassed with various techniques. People were talking about private things that only I would recognize. I Left the library and was followed and stalked on the highway (405). I Was trapped on the highway by traffic and was getting harassed by drivers around me. I Decided to exit and double back to where I entered the freeway. Upon reentering the freeway, I recognized a vehicle. The vehicle tried to evade me at the meter, but I was able to get up on the side of the vehicle and noticed this person was from the gang, and my neighborhood from lake Havasu city.

I went to my Ex-girlfriends’ sisters house in Kirkland, WA

When I arrived, she heard the 4 beep car alarm code outside and her dog got tasered when I was talking about my situation. She told me this was exactly what her brother was saying he was experiencing. I Talked to my ex-girlfriend and she confirmed that this was happening and that she never told me about it. This is how I started to figure out what was going on.

I moved to Orange County, CA

Every time driving on the road, I was being tracked with number (blinker) codes that total the number 1.

Example: first car passes with a blinker of 2, the next car follows with a 1 = (1), the next sequence is 4-3= (1), the next 8-7= (1), 16-15 = (1). They leapfrog these numbers up and down over and over while following you on the road always saying you are a 1 = to threat

Orange County

When I got to Orange County, I started to get implied death threats over and over. People were forming their hands like guns and twitching their thumbs like pulling the trigger over and over everywhere I was going. A Mexican guy in a car honked and started choking himself outside of a subway restaurant in Yorba Linda when I was leaving. The same guy started choking himself when I turned around from the cash register inside of a Mexican restaurant in Orange

  • People were constantly running my license plates?? (Mexican)

I got sensitized to cars with one headlight, one tail light, robotic head turns, and one horn honk. I was shown this over and over. Something would happen every time.

  • More on the road number harassment

  • Cars with one headlight, one break light

  • Cars brighting me over and over one time

  • Cars forming number sequences

  • Being told I’m a 1

  • Swarmed by white and red cars

I Moved to Lake Elsinore, CA


I Lived in an apartment with only a couch facing a hill with a road on top. While outside, sitting on the front porch a guy parked on the road above and got out. He started shouting you went too far it’s over.

The next day I went to the store

Three different people told me dead on the couch by Monday, this was on a Saturday. People started showing me kids inside and outside of the grocery store every time I went. They were literally walking up to me with their kids, turning and walking the other way. Bringing grocery carts right up to me with kids in them, turning and walking the other way. People with Front side baby carriers, walking up to me and turning around. Pregnant women walking up to me, rubbing their bellies, turning around walking the opposite direction. People would hold their kids out with both arms, pull them to their chest and walk the other way. Cars would pull up beside me and would honk showing me kids. I constantly felt like I was being burned. My Heart was racing for no reason. Also, I was shaking a lot.

I decided to get the hell out of Lake Elsinore and moved to Hemet, CA.

Moved to Hemet, CA

While I was in Hemet, I went to the local bowling alley. I caught the same guy and his girlfriend form Lake Havasu City, that I caught in Washington. People kept telling me I was being filmed or watched. Making hand gestures like a movie camera and telling me they could hear me. They were also acting extremely mad towards me, especially women. Women would charge at me in a rage for no reason.

I’m so confused at this point. I just decided to go back home. Upon returning to Lake Havasu City, AZ. The whole community has seemed to become very hyper vigilant. People start yelling things to me when driving by outside my house.

I’m being Harassed by community (similar to Napa, CA)

I’m receiving One honk everywhere I go. Everybody is doing strange robotic head turns when I am stopped, driving by in their car, or in stores. People are driving towards me doing u turns over and over everywhere I would go. People I don't know keep telling me to go to the pharmacy and get on medication. (discredit)


I am constantly being shown kids and school buses with flashing lights again. People are honking one time and showing me kids, kids next to cars with flashing lights, warning me not to go near. Cars driving up beside me, honking, and doing robotic head turns and showing me kids.

Being told I’m a one

People are wagging their finger at me, saying I’m a one, over and over. I’m constantly being shown.

  • One headlight and one break light cars

  • Red and white car formations totaling a one

  • One honk everywhere I go

  • blinker codes totaling a one

COPS – being harassed by lake Havasu City police officers

The Lake Havasu City Cops would show up at this point everywhere I was. They would follow me, basically tailgating me. They would give me the 1 blinker signal when coming at me in the opposite direction multiple times. There is absolutely no reason to do this except to harass me. They would Drive by and shine their light on me in my backyard when I was sitting by myself or when I was standing in front of my house multiple times.

I got pulled over for registration and a second cop arrives. Both cops come down each side of my car with their hands on their guns ready to draw. I put my hands on the steering wheel. I have no record what so ever.

Once again, I’m being harassed while trying to run

The Sheriff across the street from me is following me every time I run at this point. A guy in a golf cart is also following.


I go to the park, all the car doors are open, warning me. School buses with flashing lights, just like Napa, Ca. People are harassing me, with number configurations, and hand gestures. There is a guy walking up and down telling people, he is not that bad everyone. He is not that bad


I Was talking about situation with my mom one night. Telling her I was pain free for the first time in a long time right before all this stuff happened. Then, the Fire department and the Paramedics kept coming by with their sirens on. I was in the emergency room ½ hour later. Once, I was in the exam room of the emergency room. Employees kept coming by my room saying, no pain, waving their finger, saying I was a 1, and laughing.

When I am at home

  • Constant drive byes with one honk outside

  • Constant noise revving when driving by

  • Cars revving engine until I would come outside

  • Neighbors constantly doing odd things. Trying to make me make false claims and look crazy to discredit me.

  • Neighbors firing off guns. Yelling your dead

  • Television constantly being messed with

  • It Feels like a rubber mallet is slamming against my heart valve over and over

Harassed by next door neighbor

My neighbor was an MS-13 immigrant. I got shocked by a weapon when at the fence closest to their house, (like a remote taser). They played a recording of me sleeping while laughing. The next day I started talking about human trafficking. They moved within 4 hrs. and the house has been vacant for 2 yrs.

Sheriff – Maricopa County

The sheriff that lived across the street was a major player in this drug operation. People involved in the operation were always at his house. They would harass me and talk shit from across the street. Then, I would get hit in the heart with some kind of weapon and they would just laugh and mock me. Mark (possible 13), Major part of the drug operation, Sheriff's friend. Was yelling from across the street, the sheriff’s house, I yelled back and he got pissed and fired a gun and said I was dead. Women across the street called him Mark and told him to stop.They Would call me vicinities from the sheriffs or the complex and then I would get hit in the heart with something. I could hardly breath and my heart would flutter for about 5 min. A guy named mark with a 13 tattoo on his head got arrested for meth possession as well as a female that looked like them.

I Finally went to the F.B.I (Phoenix, AZ)

I went to the F.B.I and was very scared and vague about my complaint, considering what was at stake and who it involved. The complaint I did make did not seem to be taken seriously and I was told to report to Lake Havasu City authorities.

I told the agent I was being attacked by an Electromagnetic Weapon and there was a huge drug operation. I also said that I thought some kind of organized religion was harassing me. He said he had no knowledge of this. None of this was ever investigated.

Upon returning a day later my neighborhood seemed different. As the week wore on, I noticed different people living in the houses that were harassing me. What I had noticed was that 15 houses had literally shuffled people, along with the whole apartment complex across the street as well as the sheriff. But, kept the same cars. I started talking with my mother about the cars being the same and they started shuffling cars. I also said there were never any for sale signs or rent signs. They started putting fake for sale signs up. There was never one moving truck either.

It has taken me over a year to figure out what has happened. I was terrified for my life. I literally tried moving to 6 different cities ranging across 4 states to evade the harassment. This group has financially ruined me as well as humiliated me beyond comprehension.

I believe Lake Havasu City has a history of doing this to people going all the way back to Holiday Island, Arkansas, which was also owned by Robert Mcculloch, land developer of Lake Havasu City. It was believed by 20/20 and Heraldo Rivera that people of Holiday island would do things to outsiders to make them look crazy. Their efforts were very trained and organized like they have done this before. I would respectfully request that suspicious suicides be investigated or re investigated for similar complaints.

As of today, I am currently suffering attacks from Direct Energy Weapons (microwave) and Remote Neural Monitoring (R.N.M). I am assaulted daily by way of constant burns to various body parts as well as sexually assaulted.


o Heated and sweated

o all hair follicles

o Skin

o Burning of eyes

o Nose and nostrils


o Shocked

o Jolted and jarred

o Pin prick jabs

o Constant vibration sensation when in idle

o Muscle twitches

o Pin pricks to eyes

o Numbing of specific fingers and toes

o Numbing of hands and feet


o Vicious attacks to the heart

o Increased heart rate

o Nerve pain to the heart with repeated jabs to the foot

o Nerve pain with repeated violent flexing of muscles of the chest

o Pounding Rubber mallet sensation on valve of heart over and over

o Vibration in heart valve, causing nerve pain

CNS High-jack

o Burped and farted in number sequences in response to what I’m thinking

o Controlled urination

o Controlled bowel movements

o Adrenaline is controlled

o Ears clicked in response to what I am think

o Forced thoughts (music, subliminal s, and whispers in my own voice)

o Sleep deprivation

o Erasing of memory

Sexual Assaults

This technology is literally 30-50 yrs. ahead of its time and what is conceivable by the public. This is new age crime technology, no touch, no evidence, and is being used against me for the purpose of destroying me, torturing me, discrediting me and trying to make me take my life.

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