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Organized Stalking / Weapons Deception

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

I am the only Ti that went to the FBI and had a whole neighborhood move.

During the first 2-3 years of my gang-stalking I was in conflict with a huge drug operation in my neighborhood, that was across the street form me, an Apartment complex. There were multiple runners, especially a white truck that was very loud and doing runs all day and night going past my house. One day they had a construction crew come to their complex and shined a very bright light on my house for I couldn’t see. They ran an electrical cable from the telephone pole to an enclosed patio on the bottom floor. Physical stuff began to happen to me such as: excessive sweating, shocks, painful increased heart rate, as well as Horn honks, letting me know they could see inside my house. I began to suspect that they had some kind of weapon and that the sheriff that was a big part of this operation gave it to them. I would yell at them and I would instantly get hit in the heart and couldn’t breathe. They would laugh and say electromagnetic.

I started trying to get away form this weapon by seeing what kind of range it had. I had come to the conclusion that if I got out of a 1-2-mile radius it would start to let up. So, I would leave my house and go to the park 2 miles away. As I would start to get slight relieve a white truck would always show up, harassing me somehow, usually across the lake from me, and my symptoms would increase. I came to the conclusion that these weapons were mobile and could be carried inside of the truck. So, I decided to move from Lake Havasu City to get away from the harassment.

Every time I was on the road I was being followed by a white truck. It would come behind me and the CD player in my car would rewind and play certain parts of songs. My GPS system was constantly being messed with also. I moved to six different cities ranging from Arizona, California, Washington State, and back to Arizona to evade the harassment. Everywhere I moved they hit me with these weapons and let me know they were there.

I figured it didn’t matter where I went. So, I went back home where it was the cheapest for me to live.

The next night after returning I got into it with these people. I went straight up to their patio, found a black box, kicked it over, and it ended up being nothing. The next day I was awakened by a truck revving their engine outside of my window. My targeting went through the roof. I literally stumbled outside and saw a white truck with a guy receiving high fives and being congratulated for doing a good job in front of the complex.

I called a friend, he told me what being called a “one” meant, a threat. After a couple of phone calls, he convinced me to go to the FBI, that it was not too late.

I went to the FBI and was scared. I was dealing with crooked authorities, a gang, a drug operation, and somehow a church. The FBI agent took me off to the side, in a room, shut the door, with no one else around. He had a pencil and paper only. I told him about this drug operation, that I was being attacked with an electromagnetic weapon, and was being followed and stalked on the road with number combinations. I wrote out the number configurations and how they worked. He looked at me like, how do you know that. I said I think it is a gang and some sort of organized religious group. He told me he didn’t know of any of this, to report to the local authorities if I felt in danger. This was never investigated.

Upon returning the next day, my neighborhood seemed different. I noticed different people living in the houses that were harassing me. What I had noticed was that 15 houses had literally shuffled people, along with the whole apartment complex across the street as well as the sheriff. But, kept the same cars. I started talking about the cars being the same and they started shuffling cars. I also said there were never any for sale signs or rent signs. There was never one moving truck either. They just all swapped houses and cars, without taking their personal belongings.

As the week wore on, the street over form me, which I use to run on, also started to swap houses with different people, without any moving trucks. Anybody that I could identify or knew where they lived, they moved. They ended up changing all the people, that I could identify, and knew where they lived. This ended up being over 30 homes total, a drug operation, and a whole complex full of people. Also, the people I could identify working in stores and harassing me were gone also.

Today I live in the same place. With no drug operation, gang, or people around that harass me. I am no longer followed by cars or white trucks. My gang-stalking has stopped for the most part. My weapon harassment has not changed, in fact it has gotten much worse.


It’s not about what you can see or hear. They let you see and hear what they want you to.

There are no hand held weapons or weapons in people’s homes. The people are part of the organized stalking only. They do not hit you with weapons. This is a deception to make you make a false claim to the authorities to discredit you.

Many times, I had tested this. I flew on a plane and was hit with these weapons. I drove out in the middle of the desert, with no one in sight, going a 110mph, and was hit with these weapons. I drove out into the woods, got rid of my phones and credit cards, got out of my car, made random left and right turns, and was found in 5 minutes and was still being hit.

Understanding Remote Neural Monitoring and the Game helped me to understand how I was being fooled..

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