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Misty Forest Reflection
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Updated: Feb 7

They first say it's a conspiracy theory. Then, when they can’t dispute it, they play both sides of the fence. Giving you correct information to gain your trust, while deceiving you and steering you in the direction they want with false information. Hence, the black and white, playing both sides.

The top of everything is ran by these elite people, all connected by freemasonry. The government, (police force, first responders, jails, court system), intelligence agencies, corporations, banks, media, schools, and churches are all connected to this satanic cult and freemasonry. The one world order is already complete at the top of the pyramid.

They control what the media says and reports on, controls what curriculum is taught and learned in schools, the same way a church is controlled.

To Control people you control media, education, government, and religion

6 corporations owned by the elite control 90 % of the media. Church is a media/ educational source. They are corrupt from the top to the bottom. Built on satanism and founded by 33-degree masons, dual worship, Black and White. The white pope (good) answers to the black pope (bad), who is the head general Jesuit. The Vatican is the leader of the N.W.O Religion, all connected by freemasonry.

Both George Bush’s are skull and bones, 33-degree masons, and both were presidents. George H.W. Bush was the director of the C.I.A. They were always pushing the New World Order agenda. The Vatican and Scientology are part of the C.I.A.

The major religions are founded by 33-degree masons.

L Ron Hubbard founder of Scientology was a 33-degree mason. David Miscavige, the current leader of Scientology is a Rosicrucian a 33-degree mason

Latter day saints was founded by 33-degree mason, Jehovah's witness founded by a 33-degree mason, Church of Nazarene founded by a 33-degree mason, Billy Graham a 33-degree mason.

To be a mason you have to belief in a higher power, which makes them able to penetrate all religions. You cannot be an atheist and be a mason.

Symbols in churches are interpreted in two ways. One group will say they have angelic or good meanings while another group will interpret them as bad or evil. When in fact both parties are correct as they have dual meanings.

They have been working together as a team, while the rest of us and are families have been working as individuals. They could never worship out in the open or they would have been attacked. So, they hid in plain sight, living in the same neighborhoods, and worshiping in the same churches as everyone else.

They are stealth, they would never leave a paper trail. These people on the ground gang-stalking you, are not hired by the government. They are a religious group that believe If our world is to survive, they must cure this planet of its disease. They believe too much money and resources are already being spent supporting the 90%. If our world is to survive then they must cure this planet of its disease by way of depopulation. They are a society with in a society.

Note, not all the people in church are corrupt. Most of them are innocent people going along with their daily lives. It’s the top levels of the church and an organized group of people inside each of the major religions that form the one world religion that manipulate others.

All of the Masons are also not bad people. They do a lot of good for charities and communities. It’s the top rung 33- degree that manipulate others. This is the black and white and why this is so confusing. I would also like to point out Fusion Centers and Infra-

Guard might play a part in this, but religion is the core of this.








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