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Organized Stalking / Poisoning Deception

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

During my organized stalking I was poisoned many times. I would get fast food and would get signaled by the person giving me my food. I would eat the food and immediately would be on the toilet.

When I would go to a store. The product I was looking for inside of the store was always tampered with. Making me always reaching around for one in the back. If I took the one in front, I would get sick.

At a Denny’s restaurant, I was signaled by my server when receiving my food. A ½ hour later I went for a run. I was on a busy street and my stomach started to cramp. I couldn’t hold it and literally went on the sidewalk getting sick. All the traffic conveniently stopped and there was no traffic at all when this happened.

The way this ended for me was that I got sick of it. I literally went into a store and took the tampered product in the front. I decided these people could have killed me at any time and didn’t. I figured at some point that there was no way they would leave a tampered product on the shelf. I also figured there was no way they were going to let me see an employee at a restaurant and then poison me giving me proof. This is when it finally stopped for me. (3yrs ago)

I began to understand about remote neural monitoring. I started to realize this is how they always knew where I was going and what products or foods I was after. Making me understand that it was the actual weapon that was making me sick and that I got played.


Later on, I got confirmation of this. If I talked about certain things. They would make me have to go to the bathroom to break up the conversation. They also would make me go to the bathroom based on what I was thinking about. Some days this would occur over and over

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